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until next time..

there will be good thoughts on customer service coming soon.. but i need tonite’s events to top the story.

so a little humor to hold you over.. (all 3 people who read this)

while at the country club (see article down below) on thursday afternoon i was enjoying a little sun. the day was perfect and there were no weird family members visiting to distract my peaceful afternoon. i was laying on my stomach to tan, when i decided it was time to flip over to give the other side some time to see the sun. i flip over, grab my book and begin to get lost in the world of wicked.

a good 15 minutes went by before noticing that my nipple was getting just as much sun as the rest of me. thats right, there she was.. just as free as can be. now keep in mind, i do not have danity little nipples (obviously, my boobs are big..) so too look down and see the hockey puck staring back at me was a little surprise.

its a no wonder why the guy sitting next to me, who had been obnoxiously planning his “mickey’s irish pub birthday party” was now off his cell phone and staring in my direction.