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31.. that year went fast!

And I’m officially 31. There’s probably a lot to say about what has happened and lessons that have been learned. But, life has gotten real crazy lately so here is the short and sweet of it.

I started my 8th year teaching. Whoa! That means that some of the students I taught during my first year have graduated. (I taught a few 5th grade students my first year..) And so from here on out, there will always be students I taught graduating. Nothing on this list of things happening in my 30th year has made me feel older than this.

Going back to a note I mentioned in the last blog. I took a few work related risks, that didn’t turn out like they were expected. And what that comes down to is, I interviewed for a different job. And during the said interview I came to the obvious realization that I love my current job, and I had no idea why I was even in an interview for a different position. (Which of course, my no-filter self said right out loud creating an awkward situation for all of us in the room.) I have never been more sure of how much I love my job than during that interview. Each day I go into my classroom and am so thankful that the other job “didn’t work out.” Life works in pretty mysterious ways, yeah?

I feel like this is one of the craziest things to say about my 30th year.. I started running. What? Sometimes I have to ask myself that just thinking about it. And really, I should say, “I started and finished running.” My Zumba classes do not meet in the summer so I had the silly notion to try the 10 week “Couch to 5k” interval running program. I would like to say that I completed each and every session, every other day for 10 weeks. Ahem, I am the valedictorian of completing tasks. But, I also have to honestly mention that 3 miles is about it for me. I am never going to be a marathoner, or clearly a sprinter! I don’t even think I really like running. Often times, I found myself pretty bored during the run and apathetic afterward. I want to love it! I want to run a marathon! … But, turns out, I don’t think that’s for me.

This is where shit just gets weird. I went to a wedding that was mostly attended by high school friends. I say “high school friends” meaning they were my friends in high school, not necessarliy that I have really kept in touch with any of them since the year 2000 minus a few Facebook peeks. It’s no secret that I am not a huge fan of high school and I actively avoid all high school related events. But the wedding was for my brother’s best friend, who grew up at our house and at one time called me his big sister (although he had, who I thought to be, the most incredibly amazing big sister in the whole entire world!) So the moral of the story is.. I didn’t die. But, I was not the valedictorian of anything that day, especially of not acting awkward.

During the last quarter of my 30th year, my last great aunt passed away. Which means that my grandparent’s entire generation is now gone in my family. Now, it’s not that I am incredibly sad that my great aunt Esther passed away.. I mean, she was 93 and had lived an amazing lifetime. But, since all of my grandparents have been gone for the past five years, I have relied quite heavily on my great aunts and uncles to fill that role. It hit me real heavily that my parents are now the oldest generation in my family… and I’m still not sure I ready for that idea.

Oddly enough, and not with good memories, I found out that I am insanely calm in crisis. I had always known that I was a pretty low stress girl when it came to real intense situations. (I just save my stress for times when the lawn mower won’t start or I can’t remember the Netflix password.. you know really life threatening times.) I had a pretty serious medical situation occur at work with a student. And looking back on it almost seems surreal. Everything was happening around us, including ambulances, medical professionals checking vitals and high strung phone calls. But in my mind it was just me and my student. It feels strange to say, but I think it was the most maternal I have ever felt. All the comforting, nurturing and protectiveness just happened and all without any sense of stress. I would like to say that I was able to remain that calm throughout the entire day. But, another thing I learned about myself, after a crisis I am exhausted. I left the hospital that day and felt like my body could have slept for an entire day.

I met an author! Long story short, one of my book clubs has a member that had a connection to a local author. She had self-published her first book, which then was bought by a big time publisher, sold on the bookshelves and is now being made into a movie. I pretty much think that means I have had wine and good conversation with someone famous.

Working at a year round school, I was able to spend the majority of the month of October in Chicago with Derek. It obviously was great.. and there will be more to come about this Chicago experience in another blog. Most importantly from this last trip there, I finally learned (and felt comfortable with!) the bus system! … Seems pretty easy for all you city folk, but it was the most nerve wracking public transportation for me to learn! Turns out, when in doubt, you can always ask the bus driver!

Last, but not least… I started drinking dewski again. Not everyday, but when I want one, I have one. I mean, duh! It tastes good! What was I thinking?!

holy update.

whoa… its been awhile.
my new year has long since started and things seem to be on a little better note than when the “year” ended.

in with the new.
i have a new job. and while it is true that i miss my kids that i worked with for the last 2 years, i have grown to love my new ones. i terribly miss the kids i used to work with. in fact, i went back to visit them during my fall break and my heart felt so good. (not to mention i felt like a celebrity!) they all looked so big and old… it was incredible. i loved seeing their faces.
don’t get me wrong, the new kids that i am working with are pretty incredible themselves… in fact, i love my new job. not only the kids, but my co-workers, and the entire population of families that i get to be involved with is something that i see myself doing for quite a good amount of time. i have the opportunity to work with some amazing programs, and i am so fortunate to be able to work where i do. it really is a good fit for me, and i am so excited to go to work every day.
speaking of fall break, my new school is an extended year school, so i teach from july to the end of may. i love this schedule! we started around july 18th, had a 3 week fall break at the end of september, have normal breaks around holiday time, have a longer spring break, and an extra break at the end of april. if someone told me that they would give me more summer back in return for fall break there would be no way that i would be up for the trade. not only is fall the best time of year to have a 3 week break, the break also happened to fall on the most important day of october….

my birthday.
this year my birthday was a little more relaxed than normal, but not any less celebrated. because i was on fall break, i was able to spend a little time in marion with my family. my mom was able to take some time off work so we could do some serious birthday shopping… love. a couple days before my actual birthday derek took me to my favorite restaurant in des moines, sage. we had a great meal, as always. on the actual sweet day of my birth, i was treated to a massage before we had a little birthday party at taki. i had a great time and am so thankful for the friends and family who were able to make it out. the rest of the month continued with various birthday celebrations, which of course i enjoy… no sense in cramming it all in on one day when we have the whole damn month to celebrate….

our anniversary.
this was another fun little celebration that derek and i enjoyed in october. we ended up between two different restaurants. (dessert is a serious thing in my life and if one place can’t offer what i want, don’t worry we will just go somewhere else.) we ended up having a really great evening (“fucking sweet” as described by my romantic husband). derek and i debated for a bit about what we could each other for gifts. we are not really “anniversary gift” people, but since this years gift to give (celebrating the 2nd year of marriage) is cotton i was trying to think of something funny to buy him. instead i got a little distracted with some other news and we decided to just get a couple of new knees….

for our dog.
well we knew that ninja had been having some hip issues for awhile, but we thought that the issues had been pretty well managed with a little diet and one ascriptin a day. but a few weeks ago when i was outside with him i realized that something else seemed wrong and he was having a terrible time getting around and putting any weight on his left leg. of course i was a wreck thinking about what had happened. fast forward through a long story and about 2 weeks later, we found out that he tore both of his knees (the ACL). we took him to ISU to get a consultation done with the vet hospital there and they clearly recommended surgery. luckily, my dad loves our dog as much (well maybe not AS much, but loves ME enough) to help pay for these new knees for ninja. the vet made it seem like a pretty simple surgery that would take a significant amount of healing time, but it definitely seemed like something that we could manage…. that i am still deciding on. we were able to pick him up and bring him back home this last sunday. but he ended up having 2 staples ripped (it is questionable that they weren’t ripped before we actually even left the hospital… fucking cyclones.) so we ended up having to take him back to the hospital that nite and that is where he still is staying. i am so sad to not have him at our house. it is terrible to not have him greet me at the door, sleep on my feet at nite, or wake me up with millions of kisses. hopefully he will be able to return home soon. if it gets much worse, i am not sure how easily i am going to be able to deal with this same surgery on the other knee in december. maybe he will get to leave the hospital the same day as our new family addition…

my nephew.
derek’s sister and her husband had their first baby on november 2. daniel christopher was born a toddler (close to 10 pounds!) but is doing well, as are bre’anna and chris. they are very excited to finally have him… i know this role as great parents is one they each were born to excel at. on the other hand, derek and i are trying to decide on a time to visit them… when the baby is not quite so fresh… you know sometime around his 14th birthday….

which i promise not to be the next time that i update this damn website.


it’s official.. iowa has a new drivers license.
and i have a new last name.

it’s been awhile and a few things have happened since the glorious day of my birth. first of all, i had a great birthday… of course! i had a (few) great birthday dinners, spent time with friends and family, and even got a few pretty sweet gifts.
(here is a little highlight list for you, al! a snowboard and tiffany bracelet from derek, a coach bag from nicole, some great books from steph, and a plethora of home-made heart-shaped cards from my students!)

besides my birthday, and not be ever be overshadowed.. there was a wedding. i know you all have read about it on everyone’s website, and hopefully even read the day by day honeymoon on dereks site… 🙂 we had a great time with everything! the whole experience was incredible. its almost too hard to describe, talk, or write about. its the biggest production i have ever planned, and was over so quickly. almost like a dream. its funny how many times i have looked through the photos that our friends have sent us. what a great nite! i could try and talk about all sorts of things about the experience.. but here are a few short thoughts:
1. trying to sleep the nite before your wedding is ten times worse than the nite before christmas ever was. if you wake up at 4:58 am.. dont plan on going back to sleep, just watch ‘troop beverly hills,’ and enjoy the time alone.
2. having a brunch that included chocolate fondue and mimosias (thanks to dereks aunt) was the best way to start out my wedding day!
3. having that brunch turn into a surprise lingerie party with tons of great friends and family was a great ending to the morning. how fun!
4. letting someone else do all of the decorating at the church and hotel turned out being a great decision. i got to spend the day taking my sweet ass time getting ready, enjoying dewski, and visiting with good friends.
5. everyone was asking if i was going to cry.. which is a weird thing to think about. but the most emotional part of my day was reading a little note from derek while getting ready. the reassurance of how incredible the day was… overwhelming. (that and the little hair from ninja.. ) 🙂
6. holy shit… i love being the center of attention.. but walking into a church with about 500 eyeballs looking only at you can be really intimidating.
7. derek looked great.. wow.
8. i am so glad about choosing ‘songbird’ for the unity candle song. i love that song, and i think that was the most memorable part of the ceremony for me. matthew was amazing.
9. a little embarrassing when your kissing for the first time infront of everyone and your husband thinks you should be done, and you go in for another one….
10. our limo ride was great! it was just what i needed at that time. good friends, good drinks, and a great occasion.
11. i was so happy with the way the reception looked, the way the food tasted, and the way the band sounded. i feel like that all came together really well. thanks to my parents for that party!
12. it was so incredible to be there, dancing with derek, looking around to all of our friends and family who were there just to support us. what an awesome feeling.
13. trying to talk with everyone was so hard to do.. i wish there would have been 3 more hours in the nite.
14. finding champange, chocolate dipped strawberries, and 2 ipods in our hotel room was a pleasant surprise!
15. the next morning derek and i woke up at 7:30 and could not even think about going back to sleep because we were so excited talking about all of the people we had seen, the good times we had, and generally just how amazing the whole evening had been.

there is so much more.. and i havent even begun to talk about the honeymoon, which was perfect. derek and i had a great time in st. lucia. it was just the right amount of things to stay busy with and days to just relax. it really was paradise there.. coming back was so hard. (all except for the fact that our puppy was here..) 🙂 more about the honeymoon later…

thank you to everyone who came, sent love, and helped out with the wedding. we had an indescribable evening. it really was more than i imagined, and i am so grateful for that.

…..its also offical that this is the most sappy i have been in a long while..