Being aware.

May 28th is World MS Awareness Day, and I was thinking about posting a link to some national MS blog covering the awareness efforts.
But so many of the posts seemed depressed, dark and desperate.
That’s not what I want my awareness to be about.
Not to say there haven’t been dark or desperate days. There have.
Or depressing moments. Because there have been a few of those as well.
But that’s not what I want you to be aware of.

I want you to be aware that MS affects 2.3 million people worldwide each day. And many of those people you might not even be able to tell.
I want you to be aware that I’m not always drunk, I just walk a little funny at times. … Well, especially when I’ve had too many bloody Marys.
I want you to be aware that independence is still incredibly crucial, but so is accepting help.
I want you to be aware that asking questions is important, and so is processing thoughts for an answer.
I want you to be aware that sympathy isn’t necessary. But support is.

And support.. Oh man, let’s talk about that for a minute!
Look at this crew!

The Upper Midwest Chapter of the National MS Society held a Walk MS event in Des Moines last weekend, and I was surrounded (literally, surrounded!!) by so many people who love and care.
So many people who are aware.
And this photo doesn’t even include people who came later to celebrate, who donated from afar or who sent messages of love and encouragement.

I have said it 100 times before, and I feel incredibly fortunate to say it again, I am one lucky girl.

I want you to be aware that I have got the best support system a girl could ask for.
I want you to be aware that I am completely overwhelmed by the people in my life.

That’s what my awareness is about. Bringing people together to share time, laughter, (bloody Marys) and love.
Thank you isn’t enough… But, for what it’s worth, you have all my gratitude.
Thank you for being aware.

More photos here!

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