In the short 6 months that I’ve had MS, a few things have been very apparent:
I have the most incredible support team.
Des Moines is lacking in the awareness of Multiple Sclerosis.

So, to show my (our) appreciation to you… And all your kind words, thoughts, prayers, laughs and love, my irreplaceable husband has set up this team.
Please if you can, join our team, walk with us, grill with us, (let’s be real.. Have a drink with us!) and laugh with us.
And if you can’t, donate to our team, enjoy our photos afterward or cheers a Bloody Mary that morning from your neck of the world! Think of us on May 17th as we often think of you.. With gratitude and love.

I am fortunate enough to have an amazing support system. Help me raise awareness for those in the Des Moines area who aren’t as lucky.


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