30.5 (plus 2 months)

So far in this year of 30 (all about me)..

I stopped wearing eye liner. Make up in general is really not my thing (obviously, when you have to google “how to wear lipstick’..) and I just decided that eye liner really was a waste of my time. Let’s be real, I hate the getting ready process, and cutting one thing out of that is glorious. With the exception of days I wear fake lashes. Because really? Who wears giant lashes without a little bit of excessive eye liner?

I fought skin cancer… or more like, I’m fighting it. Because the good news is, I have been moved to 6 month appointments with my dermatologist instead of every 3 months. But, the bad news is, it’s very likely to come back. So it’s a fighting battle.

I took care of my body in healthy ways. Garth Brooks and I are pretty serious walkers. He has me feeling all guilty that he has to be home alone all day, so I make sure and walk him right away in the morning and again in the evening. I have also joined tons of Zumba and yoga classes, which have been incredibly fun and have saved my sanity way more than once. And, I have stopped tanning (outdoors and indoors). Whoa, that’s a big one for me!

I tried to be more thankful. Even in the worst of situations, I am really trying hard to find something to be thankful for. I mean, at the very least, it’s going to be a good story someday, yeah?

I learned about patience. I am no expert. But with the amount of doctor’s offices I have been in, and the amount of time that I have spent in standstill traffic on 290 coming to Chicago… Let’s say, patience was inevitable.

I learned to appreciate cruise control. Before I hit that standstill traffic on 290, there is some serious car dancing that happens on my road trips. And no one can car dance with their foot on the gas pedal.

I realized the importance of sleep. … Truth be told, this might have just come because I love my new bed so much, that I never want to leave it. Therefore, I imagine that it’s really sleep I need. Either way, whoa! I love my bed.

I got real comfortable with Chicago transportation. Well, except for the bus.. still working on that one independently. But, there’s time, yeah?

I got reconnected with the TV show Roseanne, thanks to netflix. Derek made sure that we had netflix before he left for Chicago, and really I didn’t think about it much. Until I remembered Roseanne. And then my whole life was consumed with it. I’m not even sure how normal people have television in their houses. I watched an episode every nite before bed. Then netflix got all tricky and made Roseanne be on their fancy “more than 7 dollars a month” plan. Which was probably really good for me. I was feeling a little nervous about how excited I was for TV.

I became far less pissed at kindles. Turns out, lugging 6 books to Chicago with you each time gets really annoying. But, bringing a kindle with 6 books loaded is not so bad at all. Granted I can’t actually hold the book and turn the pages. And it’s far less easy to get all cozy with.. but, convenience wins. And this way I have more room to pack fancy shoes … and small dresses.

Ahem, I became far too obsessed with small dresses. It’s a serious obsession. I can’t go into a store without looking… which is crazy when the Chicago house is right near some serious good shopping. The whole back half of my closet has been overtaken with little dresses. And I’m not mad about it at all.

i decided that my dream job is to be a 50’s housewife. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. But, I’m sure I could really learn to make an amazing pot roast and one hell of a martini. Plus, I look adorable in an apron… and I have all those dresses. Coincidence?

I heard, “I’m glad I was in your class. That’s where I learned I was a good boy.” If this was the only thing on my list of being a 30 year old, I would be content.
Be still my heart. I have the best job in the world.

… And clearly, I never stopped loving lists. More to come.

One thought on “30.5 (plus 2 months)

  1. I love this list.
    And I also on my “bettering myself journey” stop wearing foundation. wtf. I just decided that sleeping three more minutes is better than putting more stuff on my face. Now, I would love getting rid of eye make-up, but I constantly “are you tired or sick?” when I don’t wear it.

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