Day 27

List what you would buy with your last $20.

Well, this was a little easy since I am pretty broke lately… and it seems like I am always on my last $20. Especially every Sunday morning, after I have spent the weekend out with friends and family… and stores I love.

Dewski for Derek and I $2.50 (1 for $1.50 or 2 for $2.50?? Duh.)
Deli sandwiches for Derek and I $12.00 (preferably Jimmy Johns)
Dairy Queen pup cup for Garth Brooks $1.35
Hot green slap it bracelet from Smash $4.99
Grand total: $20.84 (I can always find tons of change in the bottom of my bag.)
All of this would be what I bought on a typical Saturday/Sunday early afternoon.
Except for the slap it bracelet… I did really buy that yesterday afternoon.
With my last $20.

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