Day 22

What was your worst job?

At first, I was all, “I don’t think I have had a job that I didn’t really like! I am so lucky.” I mentally went through the list: Old folks home, Drug Town, Kindercare, Nanny, Video Village… but then, I remembered a gem. When I first started college at Cornell, my dad insisted that I do a work study program. I didn’t really know what that meant, except that the college would give me some job that promised to work around my scheduling, classes, etc. So not that bad, right? The library, the front desk somewhere, making phone calls, filing papers, whatever.
Well, I was not nearly lucky enough to get assigned one of those jobs. Instead I was assigned working in Marriott. Not just setting out food, oh no. I was supposed to work back in the bowels of Marriott.
I am pretty sure I cried immediately. I know I called my dad right up, and begged and pleaded to have him say it was okay for me to back out. I promised to not ask for any money, to find a different job somewhere else, not eat, ANYTHING!!
He, of course, being the man of character that he is, said I had to go once. I had to try it, and then if I needed to quit I would have to tell them and quit the appropriate way.
Ugh. I went once. Oh my disgusting. It was bad. It was hot and steamy from the dishwashers, you had to touch people’s half eaten food, and the smell was unlike anything I had ever imagined. In fact, it kind of gives me the throw up feeling just thinking about it now.
You bet I quit after that day. I promptly called the people and told them the job wouldn’t work with my class schedule, didn’t mention a word about wanting to vomit.
… And told my dad they had no problem with me being a wuss and not being able to handle the smell.

3 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh no! I remember this~ The GIANT STOMACH~ sooo sick! Marriot/
    Sodex-HO! runs our “cafe” (fancy word, not fancy food) at our office—and I
    can rarely bring myself to eat there. 4 yrs was enough…and they don’t have
    the ingredients for a bagle-cream cheese-cheese-tomato lunch, so I don’t play!

    THANK YOU for the birthday card—
    LOVE and MISS you!

  2. I still think/dream about those darn things every once in a while….i’ve tried
    to make them at home, but they just aren’t the same…
    and at the work cafe, they make egg sandwiches w/appropriate things, like
    bisquits and croissants…..ha!

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