Day 21

Write about a time that humor saved you from a bad mood.

Alright, for most situations in life (good, bad or otherwise) I am always saying, “It will be a good story some day.” I believe that statement, and it helps keep my sanity many, many days. And truly, some of the most frustrating, annoying and crappy times can be turned into some freaking hilarious stories…
Like when your friend comes to visit, you drink for 10 hours and then decide to go out. You ignore your husband’s idea that you don’t have enough gas (he is driving anyway, if he really needed it, he should have stopped). Instead, your car stops on the Interstate about 7 miles from home. Out of gas!
That could have been a bad one.
It could have been a really bad story about taking off your heels, army crawling in the ditch, having a stranger in your car… just generally a bad story in the making when you are on the interstate at 3:00 am, walking home because your car ran out of gas.
Unless! You have a sense of humor. Then, that story is hilarious!
You might almost pee your pants on the side of the interstate, while calling your friends for a ride home, watching your friend army crawl, and listening to your husband tell you that you most definitely did need gas in your car.
And the story only gets more funny when your friends do come to your rescue, on the side of the interstate at 3:00 am, in a Toyota Corolla, which is already full with Tia (the driver), 2 grown men and a baby car seat. It is nothing short of funny to ride 7 miles home in a tiny car with 8 people and a baby seat.
It might be so funny that you have to lay in bed, with four other people, for a good hour afterward laughing about how bad it really could have been.

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