Day 17

What can you celebrate today?

There’s lots to celebrate right now…

Derek and I both have jobs we enjoy, we have insurance, a house to live in, are able to spend time traveling together, we both have good health…

But, specifically speaking, on huge celebration that came in the mail earlier this week was a letter from Iowa Student Loan. There is a federal grant available for people who have student loans before a certain time, within a certain amount of money, have taught as a highly qualified teacher in the areas of math, science or special education and have taught in a low income area for 5 years. I applied for re-imbursement, as this was the end of my fifth year teaching (along with all those other stipulations) and I just got my letter back saying that I was approved!

Woohoo! The government paid $17,500 of my student loans! Which means, they essentially paid for my entire master’s degree! AMAZING!!

Totally something worth celebrating!

… and completely worth sending thank you notes to the folks over at Iowa Student Loan!

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