In which Nicole should take Tia’s advice (from Derek)… and de-friend me.

Nicole and Nick are planning a wedding for July. This really has nothing to do with me except for the fact that I am so very excited that two friends I dearly love are (finally!!) getting married.
… That and the fact that I love weddings. I love the planning, the party, the photos, pretty much all of it.
So today, during my usual afternoon nap (judge if you wish, I take a nap after school everyday. And I am, in fact, counting down the days until I can spend my entire FIVE WEEKS OF SUMMER VACATION to nap whenever I want. I know, it’s an easy job, being a teacher. But I like to think the little summer break is to say thank you for being spit on, kicked, punched and called a “punk ass bitch” the other 40 weeks of the year.)
Anyway, back to the nap today… during my nap I had a dream I was helping Nicole with wedding planning. We were trying out different candies that she would like to have served at the reception. And she decided that she wanted those little dot candies that are stuck to the paper.
You know the ones. They don’t even really taste that good… and besides, who eats candy off a long strip of paper unless they are visiting Willy Wonka?
Anyway, I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I thought those candies served at her wedding would be just crazy.
No one likes them!
They taste gross!
They don’t even match her colors!

After I woke up in such a distressed state, I realized two things..
1) Nicole would never do such a thing!

Whoa! When you dream about the important events in your friend’s lives… It’s definitely time to stop living vicariously.
… But, seriously, I am really excited!

2 thoughts on “In which Nicole should take Tia’s advice (from Derek)… and de-friend me.

  1. never in my life would i choose those disgusting dot/paper candy. gross. ha.

    with that said, i love your excitement for our wedding! It helps me relax and really enjoy the time. so, never, ever, ever would i de-friend you! keep up the weird dreams (i’m having my own, mine though have Freddy Krueger though, yikes!)

    love you friend!

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