March Reading

March’s book list is short and sweet… more to come soon. Not about books, but about the new excitement in my life.
Garth Brooks.

Peace Like a River, Leif Enger (Book Club 2)
Ehh… I don’t really have a lot to say about this book. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. It really didn’t keep me super interested, but I was hooked on the story enough to want to finish it. Weird? This book has a ton of religious undertones, metaphors, connections, etc., which normally would have gotten me all riled up. But for some reason when I was reading it, the connections just felt right. Nothing was pushed or over-done, which I appreciate. Would I read it again, or even recommend it to someone else? Probably not. But, I am not upset about having read it myself.

Nefertiti, Michelle Moran
I didn’t know anything about the life of Nefertiti, the Egyptian pharaoh. But, after reading this story I think I will keep reading about her life. Even though the book has added story lines that are obviously fiction, it was very interesting to learn about Egyptian lifestyle that was based on fact. It was a pretty quick read, and written with an imaginative spin, so I am sure the sequel will be a nice summer read.

Jitterbug Perfume, Tom Robbins
Holy. Freaking. Weird. I really had no idea what to expect about this book when I started, and I still kind of felt that way about 150 pages in. It was so bizarre, with four stories being told, 1 in an ancient Roman-Greek(?) time period, 1 in Seattle, 1 in New Orleans and 1 in Paris. What?! It seriously took about 150 pages to finally get a connection for me, but I was addicted to the story(ies) long before that. For some reason, as soon as I started reading, even though I couldn’t make sense of the whole theme at first, I couldn’t put this book down. Individuality, immortality, religion, and beets… yep, they all come together in one of the most creative ways. I loved this book!

Monster, Walter Dean Myers
This book is a young adult novel, and was actually recommended to me by the high school young woman that I mentor. She mentioned that she had read it in 8th grade and was very moved by it. It is the story of a 16 year old boy on trial for the murder of a man who owned a convenience store. The whole story is written as a screen play, as the main character thinks his life would make an interesting movie, which was an interesting change. I imagine that if I read this story as a young adult I would have been very emotionally charged… and I would have loved the class discussions that would have come from it. (Yeah, book talks… I am totally dorky like that…)

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  1. I read Nefertiti on my way home from Chicago in Feb, and I liked it. You should read Heretic Queen also by Michelle Moran, it follows the story years later of Nefertari; I liked it!

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