part one of a good love story.

about 3 and a half years ago, derek told me about an ad in the pioneer classifieds offering lab puppies for free.
this is how my love story with ninja began.
he was the biggest pup in the litter and rode curled up against my chest the whole way home.
i have loved him ever since.
fast forward to a few weeks ago… three and a half years later (and 80 more pounds) we have a dog who needed new knees. the first surgery was back in october. i won’t go into much detail… but, damn. it was a long healing process from that one. so when it came time to think about fixing the right knee i had my doubts.
four more months of recovery? four more months of trying to keep an otherwise active dog inactive?
i was leaning toward no.
but a few weeks back mother nature tricked us with a spring-like weekend. ninja was in heaven. he was outside all day… rolling, running, eating poop…
being a dog.
i was all excited thinking that his “bad” leg wasn’t even really that bad. he would be fine.
but the next day he could hardly walk on the right leg. and i figured that was my sign to schedule surgery.
we had the surgery planned for the time that we would be on vacation with the parents. it worked out nicely, actually. having (planned) extra care after the procedure this time.
with any good love story, i thought about him the whole time we were gone. it’s no lie when i say i had dreams about him giving me kisses.
(derek is cringing right now… but, i am not kidding!)
i freaking love that dog and could not wait to get him back home.
fast forward again to today.
ninja got to come home on tuesday and like good lovers would, we have spent the past 3 days on the couch, nuzzled in each others limbs.
i am convinced that my love missed me just as much.
his big 80 pound body has been either sitting/laying on me, drooling and snoring for hours on end.
and i wouldn’t have it any other way.
i adore this beast.

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