awhile back I complied a list of “fun facts” about me… and apparently out of those 100 some facts, something about my father only got mentioned one time. although I am sure no one was counting… I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of 100 new things that I have learned from my dad…
So, here’s to a guy who always seems to teach a life lesson whether he comes right out and says it or not.

1. always be the bigger person
2. it is your civil duty to vote
3. no matter how bad the situation is, always be honest
4. it is okay to cry like a baby when your heart is broken
5. in fact, you are never too old to cry to your dad
6. lectures really are better than being spanked
7. although I apparently should have been spanked more as a kid
8. things may be rough with your spouse, but the vow of marriage is the most sacred of all
9. you don’t have to be “religious” to have thoughts about life after death
10. family traditions should always be held close to the heart
11. always keep a toothbrush in your car
12. good wine doesn’t have to cost a lot, it just has to taste good to you
13. family vacations should be taken as often as possible
14. sometimes you just have to do things you don’t like
15. to believe in myself unconditionally
16. be passionate about what I believe in
17. education is one of the most valued characteristics in society
18. it is okay to “make statements,” even though you might change your mind about that belief 5 years later
19. always keep a dictionary close, in case you need to “look it up.”
20. never stop believing in Santa
21. sometimes being too emotional can get in the way of logic
22. but, don’t lose touch of those emotions (see number 16)
23. fragranced candles, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, body spray, etc. is truly annoying to some people
24. food is an art
25. life should be enjoyed now
26. there is not a milestone that shouldn’t be acknowledged
27. black should not be worn to funerals, funerals should be a celebration instead
28. time spent with family should be a number one priority
29. chewing bubble gum on airplanes really does help
30. you are never too old to be a “daddy’s girl”
31. birthdays are a time to be truly spoiled
32. high school reunions are overrated
33. you can learn a plethora of new words if you read “Reader’s Digest”
34. people might not hire you because of the ring in your nose… that’s just the way the world works
35. while making homebrew, you should always be drinking a homebrew
36. being too skinny is not pretty
37. there can never be too many oatmeal pies in a cookie jar
38. you should always have a can of spinach in the cabinet
39. nice dress clothes should always be dry cleaned
40. when a good band is playing, the people are celebrating, and the drinks are flowing you should dance until your knees hurt
41. beautiful, expensive cars are not a high priority in life
42. good customer service is expected
43. always honk to say goodbye when you are leaving a visit with family or friends
44. its important to have a realistic outlook on life
45. money is only something we have here in this life… we can’t take it with us
46. passive aggressive is not the best way to handle things, but it can be very funny at times, and often “teaches a lesson”
47. you should buy a souvenir key chain from every city you visit
48. some things really are just better left unsaid
49. it is important to make time for a good book
50. knowing historical facts can be very powerful
51. most movies are worth watching at least once
52. thanksgiving dinner should be a huge production
53. you can get angry with someone and even yell at them, without ever loving them any less
54. starting the day with bacon, eggs, coffee, and the newspaper is very grown up
55. you might fail a few classes/tests along the way, but keep working and you will eventually walk across the stage
56. tequila should be shot… never sipped
57. it is okay to be a little bit conservative on some issues
58. keeping a plant for 35 years, naming it, and nursing it back from the pearly gates of heaven time after time is completely sane
59. if you have the recipe to a great homemade raspberry ice cream you should treasure it like gold
60. a dog really can be a great companion
61. if you truly love someone, engraving their initials in your parent’s basement is rational
62. your dad may love you, but if you end up in jail one nite, he will let you sleep there
63. too much make-up is not natural looking (“do you think anyone really believes that your eyes naturally have that thick black line around them?”)
64. corporate world is very different from the world in which teachers work
65. if the food is really that good, it is worth the price
66. it is not always a good idea to post every intimate detail of your life on the internet
67. going to the doctor should only be in limited instances, the world is filled with hypocandracts
68. Hillary Clinton should not be our next president
69. when faced with a dilemma, life is too short to be wasted deciding what to do… the answer is either, “shit or get off the pot”
70. there is always time for just one more drink
71. when leaving a visit with family, you should always determine when you are going to be visiting with them again
72. saving every boarding pass (even when you fly weekly) will provided for some great discussion one day
73. graciously accepting a compliment with a humble manner can be a very powerful statement of your character
74. celebrating life’s milestones (weddings, graduations, etc.) are only done once and should be done with that mentality
75. being truly open to your children’s lifestyle will create a meaningful relationship for a lifetime
76. Christmas shopping is done best on Christmas Eve
77. a hug is best when one person is lifted off the ground and squeezed so tight its possible breathing stops for a few seconds
78. speeding tickets are inevitable
79. your life story should be told… only after you die
80. a good family man works hard for the money that his wife and kids enjoy
81. everyone should ride a motorcycle at least once in their lifetime
82. money is meant to be earned and then spent
83. the “to-do” lists in life never really get completed… and that’s okay
84. discovering family history can be an overwhelming task, but is very important in keeping your roots
85. the fortunes found in fortune cookies are quite magical when a father reads them to his child
86. Iowa is the Hawkeye state
87. it does not matter what you are wearing when going to visit your baby brother in the hospital for the first time
88. driving with a flat tire, even if it is only for one block, should not be done
89. a good, dark beer can be drank all year long
90. sometimes you really do just have to learn things the hard way
91. although it isn’t a fun task, we all eventually need to take care of our parents someday
92. most things in life should be tried at least once
93. some of the best vacations can be taken in a beat up, “purple-people-eater” pick up truck, with just a tent and a cooler packed in the back
94. Minnesota really is a beautiful state
95. the saying “do as I say, not as I do/did” is very applicable
96. it is a good idea to indulge every now and then
97. the best cure when sick is to get lots of rest
98. a good story teller makes great conversation
99. there should always be peanuts at a baseball game
100. you do not have to have the career title of “teacher” to be a true educator in life.

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  1. I thought that was beautiful Rey – You have wonderful parents and I have always admired the relationship you have with your dad. Hope all is well.

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