a few of my favorite things..

alright.. i know that christmas is a time for family, being together, and something about a man named baby jesus..
(or teenage jesus, whatever you prefer..)
and really christmas presents, received or given, should not be the forefront of thought.. but honestly, i am pretty excited about some gifts this year. a few that i received, and a few pretty awesome ones that i gave. here is just a little highlight of the excitement.

favorite gift to give: a bright green teenage mutant ninja turtle hoodie to my brother, vic
favorite gift to buy: craftsman 10-inch portable table saw for derek
favorite gift to make: family picture coasters for mom
most sentimental gift to give: father-daughter dance wedding photo for dad

there were a few favorites of gifts that i received.. i apparently was a pretty good girl this year.

favorite gifts:
a beautiful necklace from derek (wrapped in my favorite blue box),
a laptop from santa (the lid even stays open on its own!),
a (guest) bedroom set from dad,
jeans that really fit from mom,
sushi sets from rhonda and mom (keep your fingers crossed that i can learn how to make it!),
gift cards! (nothing is better than ‘after-chirstmas’ sales).

i felt like a little kid again this year at christmas. what fun..
thank you all..

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