job security.

today i was planning for an IEP meeting to have after school.
actually it turned more into daydreaming about the IEP meeting.
never have i been more excited to have an IEP meeting. J has met his goals, and will have new goals set at grade level. he also will be exiting out of his behavior goal! J’s behavior has changed 100% since i first met him last august. i could not be more proud of his progress. he started out as one of my favorite students because of his naughtiness, and continues to be one of my favorites because of his desire to be a better person.
i knew his mom was going to be overwhelmed. she has always believed in J, and although she isnt around a lot, she is one of his biggest supporters. i couldnt wait to tell her this wonderful news about her son’s progress.
today i want to do nothing with my life besides teach children.
this is why i love my job…

before i could get too far into my daydream, my rosey thoughts were interrupted by a loud, “help! G is stuck! he will never get out! we need your help, mrs. brooks!”
sure enough, G had his head stuck between two wooden rods in the pavillion outside.

“mrs. bwooks! look! my head is stuck! haha! i cant get out! my head’s stuck! haha! isn’t that just nuts? haha! just cwazy!”

and i go right back to that place..
this is why i love my job!

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