a little dose of reality.

dear santa,

i know this might be a little late.. and what can you do? you know i have never been on time..

(as i write this i am staring at my christmas/holiday cards.. they are coming i promise..)

anyway, i wanted to thank you for a good year.. i was a pretty lucky girl these past 12 months.. and life has been good. i know that you talked to my dad a while back and told him that you wanted him to take me on a little “shopping spree” for my gift this year.. what a good idea. damn! in fact, you know that i love that idea!

(not that its a ton.. but as you know i have been working on the weight loss issue.. and the pants are getting “frumpy” in the butt. enough so that it might often cause what some might call “temper tantrums” while finding jeans to wear. so some new pants/clothes would be ideal..)

but right now,

(and as much as my once-daily-shopping-fanatic-way-too-much-in-debt-self hates more-than-anything to tell you this)

i just need you to talk to my dad one more time and let him know that it will be okay to just write the “santa shopping spree” check out to me.. so i can just generiously hand it to mr. wells fargo to cover the bills i am indebted to this month.

(oh, suede and sparkle coach bag.. love of my life.. you will have to wait awhile longer.. possibly until you are completely out of season and no longer loved by any.. dont worry.. ill be back.. i promise.)

thanks so much for the consideration, santa. i hate to be picky.. but know that you are a good man, with great ideas and much generosity. i appreciate the help. until next year..

love, kari (in the frumpy butt pants)

2 thoughts on “a little dose of reality.

  1. It’s never too late to send Santa a note especially if you’ve been a good little girl. Your on my list forever and while your intentions are noble and sincere, Christmas just can’t be Christmas without presents! HO HO HO!

  2. Hey Miss Kari. I wanted you to know that I think you look beautiful(as you always have) and that I am very proud of you. I have also been working on a little weight loss myself and I know how hard it is to fit a good routine into an already jam packed schedule. I hope the shopping spree/bill pay goes well. I will definitly give you a call this week. I love you. Hi Derek and Ninja!

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