a little preview of what is to come..

okay.. because i am a person who thinks that a good embarrassing story has to be told i am sharing some of my greatest with you. awhile back i had to clean out my closet at my parents house.. something about not living there for 5 years and getting married.. they were ready to move my things along. among the greatness that i found there (old love notes, the most time-warped photos, and priceless jewlery from old boyfriends..) i found gold…
if by gold i mean.. my old diary.

i dont know how else to say this … but its priceless.. just hilarious! i brought it home and shared it (cover to cover) with a captive audience of derek, nicole, and nick… and we sat on the couch literally in tears, sometimes not breathing, and even having a little pee come out.. all because of the laughter.
soon i will “publish” this little book o’ mine for entertainment purposes.. but for now i will just leave you with one of my most favorite entries:

Dear Diary,
I am going to go skating. Bryan looked so cute today. And Mike just acted so cool. I told Elissa to wait for me by the food stand. But now my dad will most likely be late. Bryan told us he was going to skate with us. Just between you and me, Elissa and I love him, (Bryan). Oh well, we changed places today. Nick sits in front of me. And Jill sits behind me. And Matt sits beside me. We had Skills for Growing partners. I got Chris, (big geek). What should I wear tonite? I want to look good for Bryan. For sure I will wear my pink streach pants. I might skate with Victor. Got to go fast. BYE.
Kari Reynolds

more to come on the “bryan/mike love of my third grade life and how my hot pink stretch pants affected their entire third grade exsistence” saga soon..

6 thoughts on “a little preview of what is to come..

  1. that reminds me, i totally need to blog my 3rd grade school journal. and i’m totally remaking that new years resolution that’s in it.

  2. you, my dear, have an incredible blog. i am in blog envy. you could be the next sedaris. i especially like the “cousin dusty” story. almost inspires me to blog again.

  3. HAHAA! Oh! I just love looking back at old diary entries!! they are just so hilarious what was important…who was cute.. and the pink stretch pants-funny! haha!

  4. yeah but when i’m 80, i’ll have 10x more stories to tell the youngsters because i wont have to depend on my memory. it’ll all be documented.

  5. kari… I am with you on the stretch pants, they made up most of my elementary school wardrobe. My favorite was the first day of school in fourth grade I wore a shorts unitard stretch outfit(floral) with a pair of white daisy dukes over the shorts part so they hung out the bottom a little. NICE! I can’t even tell you about my sixth grade first day of school outfit because it was just too heinous.

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